Bulk Fuel Delivery

With a network of bulk fuel depots in New South Wales and terminal access nationally, Petro National is able to offer tailor made bulk delivery solutions for all customer needs.

We utilise our own fleet of trucks and trusted third party carriers, to ensure the highest standard of customer service, punctuality and flexibility for all fuel deliveries, no matter the size.

On-site Refuelling

Petro National offers an on-site refuelling service nationally that is designed to save your business time and money.  Engaging Petro National you can eliminate the risk of machinery downtime and ensure fuel security through improved fuel tracking.  Our concise delivery reporting systems ensure total control and security for your onsite diesel refuelling.

Petro National partner with vetted & preferred contractors who maintain a specialist fleet of refuelling mini tankers.  They are ideal for accessing sites with limited manoeuvrability, perfect for commercial transport yards, agriculture, marine, power generation and civil contractors.

Storage Solutions

Petro National will develop an appropriate storage solution to suit your operation. We have partnered with major tank suppliers in Australia to deliver fit for purpose, reliable equipment to our customers. We offer three payment options:
• Outright purchase
• Lease over 3 to 5 years
• Cents per litre amortisation structure

Fuel Management

We encourage automated tank gauging technology (ATG) to relieve our customers of order management responsibility, while giving them access to real-time usage and inventory data.

We have different fuel management system solutions available and affordable cost structures to help manage on-site usage reconciliation and control.

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